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1 Cent FB Clicks is a new internet marketing course and software created by Aaron Darko and Jani G , two extremely successful affiliate marketers. Both of these guys have maintained leaderboard rankings for quite some time now, and they are ready to reveal their secret.

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1 Cent FB Clicks is a product that they teamed up to produce for the masses, claiming to have cracked the code as far as getting 1 Cent FB Clicks for all campaigns. They also claim that this traffic will be laser targeted traffic headed straight for your fan page and product links.

The training course does not contain any fluff, it goes straight to the point and teaches you what really works and how to do it properly. Basically, it shows you how to get your products or offers in front of millions of eyeballs on Facebook.

1 Cent FB Clicks is a course that is designed to help online marketers learn how to take advantage of the new Facebook marketing program that will allow the marketer to pay only 1 cents per click for Facebook advertising. This program will create extremely targeted leads from literally any niche that you can think of, bringing mountains of specific leads from designated sources.

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1 Cent FB Clicks allows you to tap into a wider market at a relatively extremely cheap cost. If you have ever launched a Facebook Ad Campaign then you understand how fast your budget depletes, especially if it has anything to do with making money. You also know that deciding the right demographics to target for our campaigns can be both difficult and costly. With 1 Cent FB Clicks, we now have room for trial and error without losing to much overhead in the process. Imagine if you obtained 1,000 targeted potential customers to your site through FB clicks that only cost you $10.00. Out of that 1000, I’m sure you are bound to generate some sales, in which the FaceBook Ad would have paid for itself a couple times over.

The program is taught by three videos that go through the process step by step. The process involves using the Power Editor in Facebook, and is pretty straightforward in showing marketers how they can tap into the billions of Facebook users and drive massive amounts of traffic to a fan page.

The concepts covered in the videos include areas such as:

What are Facebook Ads and how you can set up your own
How Facebook Ads work, along with all the principles of using them
How to get Facebook Ads very quickly and cheaply, for pennies on the dollar
How to find great and high converting products for promoting
How to target your products exactly to customers to get them to buy
Trick for improving the clickthrough rates to your ads
Surprising tactics you can use to analyze Facebook ads and take viewers by surprise
How to get approved for your Facebook ads, and how not to get approved
And other concepts.

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The videos aren’t very long, so you don’t have to worry about being overloaded with information. They just give you the most important concepts so that you can start using them for yourself very quickly.

The advantage of using Facebook Ads is that you don’t have to wait forever for your site to start ranking in the search engines.

1 Cent FB Clicks will enumerate the techniques and give out the details on how to get really inexpensive targeted traffic and generate income using FaceBook ads.

The best part in 1 Cent FB Clicks is that all that is required from you is the ability to copy and paste. No technical background necessary!

Advertising through FaceBook is the best way to go. Why? Because…

• Among all the other social networking media, FaceBook is the most popular and has the best foot traffic. The more people the site has, the better it will be for your business.

• There is only one other site that you have to compete with, that is Google.

• FaceBook has more than 400 million active members and this number continues to grow by the day.

• There are so many people who spend so much time on FaceBook and getting access to those people would increase your popularity infinitely.

• Thousands of other websites have integrated with FaceBook. Penetrating it would be like reaching out to thousands of other sites.

• The amount of people who use mobile FaceBook amounts to almost a million.

Considering all those together, that could definitely spell out better business for you. 1 Cent FB Clicks can help you discover the ways of how it is done.

Are you convinced now of the benefits that this will bring? Well, I am.

It maybe the right time to get off the boundaries that the major search engine, Google, offers. Thousands have been competing for this, why not venture into something that not too many people have been fighting for and really have an edge over them?

1 Cent FB Clicks will show you the ways of how you too can attain success in the internet marketing business.

Jani G is offering a 60 day money back guarantee on this product. Many people are sceptical that this product can work but what they need to understand is this. A product will not work if you don’t follow that steps. The steps are clearly outlined in the product and should be followed to the dot. No side tracking and trying something fancy and testing to see if it works.

Who can benefit from 1 Cent FB Clicks?

If you want to know how to sell products on Facebook without getting your account BANNED, this course can benefit you as it teaches you the correct way to advertise your products/offers to millions of active users on Facebook. So, I would say BOTH the NEWBIES and EXPERIENCED marketers can benefit from this course.


Ability to make money online with very little investment.
You will learn how to create a good campaign, proper targeting and much more, which you can still apply when advertising in other networks.
You get highly targeted and converting clicks from Facebook that is very hard to find anywhere else with the amount of money that you will be investing.
You will be using a system that has been tested and proven to work.
No previous knowledge in marketing is needed.
Newbie friendly


You will be paying for traffic. However, this is the cheapest traffic that you can ever buy. You can always start with as low as $10. The system shows you how to purchase highly targeted traffic for 1 cent per click.

Is I Cent FB Clicks Legit or Scam?
I Cent FB Clicks system is a comprehensive training/tutorial on how to advertise on Facebook, including where and how to get a click for 1 cent. As we all know, paid traffic is the most reliable type of traffic since it allows you to take control over everything.  However, most people fail or end up spending a lot of money just because they do not know how to create a good campaign, how to target the right audience, where to get cheap traffic, among others.


Facebook marketing is HUGE and provides UNLIMITED income opportunity. But, you need to know how to do it right – that is what 1 Cent FB Clicks is going to teach you. If you want a proven way to make money online, this course is worth considering.

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